Feelings of doubt cloud my judgement
Insecurity rises to the top of my mind
Trying to avoid this mental bombardment
Just trying to get through the daily grind
Self mutilated visions assault my brain
Rusty razors tear out my heart
I see the hole and feel the pain
This is my canvas, my work of art
Tearstained eyes look toward the sky
Begging please calm my mind
I see my broken body and start to cry
The thoughts I have are all unkind
I’m a broken mind who’s lost all hope
Sitting in a pile of self doubt
I could finish it at the end of a rope
But my young son’s heart is what I think about
I can’t do that to him or to my friends
It’s a selfish dickheaded move
This could be where it all ends
But it doesn’t have to, I hope to prove.