I have a question. What is it that makes people think that they can make jokes at someones expense?! Especially when they barely know you.
  I’m at work, punching back in from lunch, when one of our mechanics is singing. The other mechanic makes a joke about him singing for me. (That i didn’t mind. It was funny) Then the singing mechanic says, “Ya, here ya go.”… Do you all know that song “All Star”? Well he starts dancing and sings, “hey now. You’re an all star. Get your weight on.” I guess he saw the anger in my face because he immediately started stuttering, “oh h h hey, man… Y y you know I’m just joking right?”
  Ok, i am still overweight, but he feels the need to point this out?! He’s a moron, but you don’t see me trying to hurt his feelings, or talking shit. I almost beat his ass, but the thought of losing my job kept me at bay. I said, “I bet you are” and slammed the door.
  Sometimes its hard for me to do that. I grew up fighting. I get pleasure from not only beating someone to a pulp, but also the shots that happen to get through to me. I have learned in life, that ignoring bullies does not make them stop, they only speak one language… The language of fisticuffs.
  He has tried to apologize a few times, and I’ve just laughed in his face. I’m pretty sure he’s afraid he’s gonna catch an asswhoopin… And I’m not doing or saying anything to let him think otherwise.
  Remember the saying, “one day he’s going to mouth off to the wrong guy”? Well, normally I’m that guy. But not today.

Adam Yauch (MCA) of Beastie Boys fame, died this morning. He had been fighting cancer for the past 3 years. He was a big activist for the Tibetan Freedom Movement, and a friend of the Dalai Lama. He was 47 years old.
R.I.P. Adam. You will be missed by many friends and fans alike.